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Dr. Martens

Short Biography
Walo von Mühlenen lives and works in Switzerland where he studied economics and marketing at the University of Fribourg. After his studies he worked several years in Marketing and sales for international companies.  He was in the cigarette industry with Philip Morris, then in healthcare and cosmetics with Johnson & Johnson and in the cosmetic and detergent industry with Henkel. In 1996 he was appointed CEO of the family company von Mühlenen Ltd. This company was since more than 150 years active in the ripening and export of cheese from Switzerland. In this function he created the brands and established an international sales organisation. The company was present almost all over the world and had branches in Italy, Germany and England. Also in 1996 Walo founded together with a partner the company TVM Service GMBH and established the distribution for Globetrotter outdoor in Switzerland. In 2006 the company von Mühlenen was sold, Walo stayed at the company as CEO until 2012 during this period he build the packaging plant for von Mühlenen.

2013 -       CEO Sunshine Service
2012 -       CEO Affineur Walo, cheese rippening and export
2011 -       Memeber Osec Pool of Expert, consultant for international marketing strategies.
1996 - 2012 CEO at von Mühlenen LTD, cheese ripening and export
1996 - 2009 CEO and partner at TVM Service GMBH (Globetrotter Outdoor, Switzerland)
1993 - 1996 Sales Director at Henkel & CIE AG
1992 - 1993 Key Account Manager at Johnson & Johnson AG (Consumer)
1988 - 1992 Philip Morris sales and product manager

Areas of expertise
- coach for CEO’s and Senior Management
- establish and lead companies
- define business strategies
- building, positioning amnd magnaging of brands and product portfolios
- establish and lead efficient sales organisations
- build the coorperate company communication and PR campaigns,
- press relation officer
- establish press documentations
- political lobbying

Working languages:
- german, english, french and italian