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Dr. Martens

Don't be afraid of the costs.
I guarantee for quality consulting, the spending in consulting will be much lower than your gain in profit.

Let’s go to know us!
Consulting and coaching is a matter of trust and it cost nothing to know us personally.
I will explain to you more in-depth my qualification and knowledge and we can discuss how we could proceed. 

Thus you will know how you will profit from a consulting or a coaching

Arrange now a visit for a free introductory discussion!

Strategic discussion
In a 1 hour strategic discussion you will have the possibility to explain your project in depth and you will get from me a first concrete feedback. 

Furthermore we will discuss your objectives if you are interested in my consulting or coaching. 

The strategy discussion costs Fr. 50--  of course if you give me a concrete mandate this fee is not due.

Arrange now a visit for a strategic discussion

I look forward to meet you personallyFee.

Normally the fee is based on a full day of consultancy of 8 hours.