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Dr. Martens

=> To improve your results
Companies and sport teams need new trainers for new impulses. Contact me if you need new impulses i will be your new trainer.

=> To find additional Management capacity.
You have an idea or a project, that should be finished tomorrow, but you do not have time. I can help you!

=> To reduce your risk
You have an idea but you are not sure how big the potential is. Instead of hiring a new manager at high cost and even higher cost if the project fails, it might be better to work with a consultant.

=> To get a new view of your business
an external consultant sees your business always from a different angle. He gives you:
· new impulse
· shows you how to increase the loyalty of your customers
· helps you to improve your profit
· he finds new markets for you

=> You have a good product but not enough sales:
A consultant, shows you where your customers are and how you reach them. A professional consultant will as well tell you, if the market is too small for your product. May be your product is just too good.

=> Your profitability is down and you cannot afford a consultant:
You need a consultant to help you to solve your financial problems.